CR elite team devil training camp

    July 14-15th, 2017 CR Team had a different and unforgettable 2 days 1 night. In order to improve personal ability and whole CR team spirit,we organized a CR elite team devil training camp at Litchi park.

      Although the weather was not good, the body was so tired, we still held on without any complaint, we were enthusiastically involved in and created a positive atmosphere. Finally, we made a happy ending and gain a lot of unforgettable experience.We learnt team power from this training. All the CR members thinks it not only strengthens team communication, but also enhance the team cohesiveness. And it promoted CR team to understand the team building and team cooperation. We achieved good result. Especially when we climbed the graduation wall,all the CR people cheered up, and this is called team spirit, that is it unity is power.

       2 days training ended. There were happy laugh, moved tears and joy of harvest. Experienced this training, CR team broke through the self psychological barrier, felt a team power, realized the team cooperation. Hope all the CR members will be able to respond positively to the complex market changes, and make their contributions for CR’s development in the future.