CR-LED team collective development activities

In order to strengthen the company's spiritual civilization, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, and enhance the team spirit and mutual help spirit between employees and employees, employees and leaders, a wonderful and evocative team development activity was carried out on November 10.


All employees took the bus arranged by the company to the destination at 9:00 am on the 10th - Jiulongshan Ecological Park.
At 9 o'clock in the morning, we will lead us to team development activities by professional coaches. There are warm-up dances, 160 seconds of Lushan, drumming, nine people and other interesting group fun games. The team members are all active in completing the group tasks and Goal, everyone has a smile on his face.
at 12:00,In the kitchen cooking, the team was busy, cooking competition, the atmosphere was lively, everyone worked together, busy, and the chefs were very motivated and wanted to make a monthly meal. The scent of the scent came out. Everyone shared the fruits of their work. They enjoyed the food made by the team and started the free time. There were ramie, basketball, billiards, bamboo rafts, etc. Let everyone relax and laugh. The sound continued, although the event took almost a day, but no one left in the event, which reflects a team's good mental outlook and collective sense.
This is a fulfilling day and an extraordinary day. It brings us a lot of joyful days, increases the friendship and communication of the team, and enhances the collective sense of the team and We will be better tomorrow!