March of Yangchun - Successful ending of CR-LED team development activities

At 8:00 a.m. on March 30, the day was sunny and breezy. Forty-five employees of the company gathered at the company gate on time and arrived at the Dapeng Expansion Training Base by bus arranged in advance. There were hills and mountains standing side by side. The natural scenery was beautiful and pleasant, and the air was fresh. Although it took more than two hours to get to the destination, it was all worth it.


At 10:30 we started today's outward bound sports meeting. Everyone was in high spirits and participated actively. The coach divided us into three groups. Each group played a famous team song and formation for itself, and came to a big team PK. On this day, we carried out nine activities together, including happy pencil, flying dragon in the sky, touching rocks, crossing mountains, tug-of-war, dancing and so on. Each well-designed development project aroused everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm for participation. Team members completed each project with the common cooperation. They fully realized the management consciousness and art closely related to team trust, effective communication, transposition thinking, rational organization, leadership, execution and team cooperation. In the course of the activity, we actively participated in meeting difficulties, daring to challenge ourselves, refueling each other, encouraging each other, overcoming psychological obstacles, not evading and not giving up, and all the teams successfully completed the training of various outreach projects.

Thanks the company for offering us such an opportunity, let us all understand the strength of the team, feel the company's atmosphere of unity, as a member of CR-LED is our pride.