CR-LED team collective development activities

In order to strengthen the company's spiritual civilization, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, and enhance the team spirit and mutual help spirit between employees and employees, employees and leaders, a wonderful and evocative team de...

FOR 2018-11-12


Dear friend, Chinese National Day is coming, According to the nation's policies and regulations, our company will have a 7 days rest.The date is from 30st 9.2018 to 6th 10.2018. During the vacations,if you have any questions, please do not hesit...

FOR 2018-09-29

CRLED: Fire Drill in 2018 with Successful Ending

At 16:00 July17,2018,all staff of CR-LED with the residential enterprises conducted fire emergency drills at Hengchangrong Hi-Tech Technology Park. In the early stage, we have posted safety knowledge and warning slogans in the prominent position of t...

FOR 2018-07-18

2018 CR Party Night

    On the evening of March 1, 2018 , CR Lighting Technology Co., LTD. held a 2018 Spring night party in Quanfulou Hotle. The General Manager Mike celebrated the arrival of New Year with all the staffs and their families. Also some of our c...

FOR 2018-03-05

CR 2017 Year-end Summary

   February 3, 2018 CR had a year-end summary meeting.  The meeting’s theme is 2017 business summary and 2018 business plans. The meeting started from 9.00 to 18.00. The first part was personal annual report speech. The se...

FOR 2018-02-05


Dear friends, Please be informed that our company will be temporarily out of duty during our traditonal biggest holiday-”SPRING FESTIVAL”. Our holiday is from 11st February, 2018 to 24th February, 2017. Totally 14 days. If...

FOR 2018-01-25