Halogen and CFLs to be banned in Europe

LUX magazine | posted: May. 8-2018 9:10 As standard tungsten halogen lamps have an efficiency of around 25 lm/W while compact fluorescent lamps with ballasts can reach just 60 lm/W, both technologies will be outlawed by the...

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5 Tips for Choosing a Smart Lighting IoT Platform

LED inside. com| posted:Apr.14 Smart lighting is playing a pivotal role in unlocking the power of the IoT and smart building applications beyond lighting. An intelligent, sensor-laden lighting system can form the central nervous system of ...

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Major study finds lighting cut crime by 39%

LUX Magazine | posted :Mar.15 ,2018-13:40 In contrast to previous studies, the New York study shows an expected and dramatically significant correlation with crime at night. A MAJOR control study in New York City...

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Philips Lighting’s new name is a closely-guarded secret

LUX Magazine | posted :Feb.7 ,2018-15:40 What will be the new name for Philips Lighting? It's the question the whole industry is asking this week. Seen here is Philips Lighting's former HQ in Eindhoven, The Ne...

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Klaasen Lighting Design Partners with Gooee as IoT Changes the Way Lighting Projects Are Specified

LED | posted:Feb.1 ,2018-17:00  International Lighting-Design company Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD), which has offices in Singapore, Perth, Shanghai and Jakarta, has entered into a partnership agreement with US based data p...

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Lighting-as-a-service pioneer unveils solar option

 LUX Magazine | posted : Jan.29, 2018-15:30 UrbanVolt oversaw the retrofitting of 164 linear LED fittings on a pig farm in Offaly in the Irish Republic. The refit saves 41 MWh annually, a saving of 59 per cent ov...

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