2019 Happy Spring party in CR

The 2009 Spring party was held successfully, Horse run ahead, sheep come with good luck! Farewell to the unforgettable 2018, Welcome the brand new 2019. On March 2, 2019, CR Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. held the "New Year's Party 2019" at the Quanfoulou Hotel in Shiyan, Shenzhen.
The party kicked off in Mike's brilliant and sincere New Year's speech. Mike made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the company's development last year, and put forward the future development ideas of the company in 2019. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to every employee and partner of the company.
The party lasted more than three hours, brilliant performances were brought by departments of the company.
There are passionate recitations and youthful dances from the Sales department, , educational sketches performed jointly by the R&D department and the purchasing department, affectionate songs and funny crosstalk brought by the production department, also exciting awards and lottery activities. The whole party was filled with laughter and happiness.
This Spring party enriches the life of employees and provides them with opportunities to show themselves. At the same time, it shows the rich and colorful life of CR and the warm, harmonious and enthusiastic atmosphere. It also enhances the staff's awareness of the enterprise and the sense of belonging. Reflects the reliability, value and pleasure of corporate culture.
In 2019, we are flying against the tide to achieve better achievement.