Discover the Top 10 Lighting Industry Trends in 2024

How are lighting technologies improving personal well-being and productivity? This data-driven industry research focuses on the top lighting industry trends in 2024 based on 3000+ startups & scaleups. These trends include UV disinfection, quantum dots, dynamic lighting, LiFi & more.
Lighting plays a pivotal role in modern urban infrastructure, affecting not just aesthetics but also energy consumption and public safety. However, traditional lighting systems, especially in urban settings, face significant challenges in terms of energy efficiency, maintenance, and adaptability. Technological innovations in LED, smart lighting systems, sensor integrations, and IoT enable the creation of lighting solutions that enhance sustainability and user experience.
These lighting industry trends provide benefits in a range of industries and applications including architecture, urban planning, entertainment, energy, and more. By optimizing energy usage, reducing maintenance costs, and providing adaptive lighting solutions, these innovations are illuminating pathways for more sustainable, secure, and aesthetic landscapes.
Innovation Map outlines the Top 10 Lighting Industry Trends & 20 Promising Startups
For this in-depth research on the top lighting industry trends and startups, we analyzed a sample of 3113 global startups & scaleups. This data-driven research provides innovation intelligence that helps you improve strategic decision-making by giving you an overview of emerging technologies in the lighting industry. In the Lighting Technology Innovation Map, you get a comprehensive overview of the innovation trends & startups that impact your company.
Top 10 Lighting Industry Trends in 2024
1.UV Disinfection
2.Therapeutic Lighting
3.Quantum Dot Technology
4.Dynamic Lighting
6.Agricultural Illumination
7.Off-Grid Lights
8.Lighting Design Software
9.IoT-based Light Systems
10.Solid-State Lighting