Benefits of LED Lighting

With LED lights, lighting can do much more than illuminate a home. LED lights are kind to the environment, your design preferences and your wallet. Take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy with the following LED light fixture pros.
1. Environmental Safety
LED lights do not contain any mercury, which is not the case for their energy-efficient counterpart, compact fluorescent lights (CFL). CFL bulbs have gained popularity in recent years as a more efficient option than traditional incandescent bulbs. Each CFL bulb contains about 4 milligrams of mercury. Though you aren’t exposed to mercury when handling an intact CFL bulb or using it, the mercury can be dangerous if you break a bulb.
There are specific disposal and recycling protocols you need to follow to prevent spreading mercury to the environment.
2. Low Profile
LEDs are much smaller than incandescent and CFL bulbs. This size difference gives LED luminaires a distinct advantage for the following:
A wider range of lighting configurations and creative potential
Smaller lighter configurations
Highly customizable lighting configurations
This versatility allows you to add LED lights under cabinets, around the edge of a pool and much more. You can save precious space without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.
3. Energy Savings
LED lights offer the best energy-efficient light source. The U.S. Department of Energy cites 72% to 80% savings with LED lights compared to other options. LED lights last up to 25 times longer than a traditional bulb. Whether you replace one light in a home or design a home completely with LED light fixtures, you can experience tremendous energy savings.
4. Longevity
LED lighting can last 50,000 hours or more before it begins to dim and needs to be replaced. These fixtures could cover 15 to 20 years of regular light use. On average, other lighting alternatives burn out quickly compared to LED:
Incandescent bulbs: Approximately 1,000-hour lifespan
CFL bulbs: 8,000- to 10,000-hour lifespan
Incandescent and CFL bulbs may require frequent and costly replacements that diminish their overall ROI. When you choose Integrated LED lighting, you can trust you’re investing in a long-lasting, reliable solution.