Different Types of Ceiling Lamps for your Home

Mounted Lights
Mounted lights are the lights fitted on a flat surface like your ceiling, protruding away from the surface. Mounted lights are commonly used in big rooms like a living room or a conference hall. These fixtures are brighter and are best for rooms having low ceilings.
Utility Lighting
Utility lights are the most common type of ceiling lights and can be seen in shopping malls and centers, and you probably have seen them. However, they are becoming obsolete, and you are likely to find utility lights in public laundromats.
They are either installed within individual casings together with LED bulbs or flushed into the ceilings. This is a highly energy-efficient lighting option.
LED Indirect Lighting
You can get LED indirect lighting by making minor tweaks to your regular ceiling lights. LED indirect lights may be a large or small fixture mounted on your ceiling and strips of LED light fitted around it. It makes your room seem larger.
The good thing is that you can install LED indirect lighting on your own. Unfortunately, LED bulbs are costly. If you buy the LED strips by foot, you could light your home for under $400.
Flush Lights
These are lighting fixtures with a flat base attached to your ceiling. Flush lights are available in different sizes between 12-24 inches. They are the best lighting option for small rooms like toilets or bathrooms.
Since they have a flat base, they rarely fall, making them a safe option. Depending on the height of your ceiling, a flush light spreads its light evenly around the room. If the room is big, you will need a bigger flush LED ceiling lamp with more brightness.
Semi-Flush Lights
Semi-flush lights hang around 4-8 inches below your ceiling. Hence, if your ceiling height is about 10 feet, semi-flush lights will easily cover the distance. Their most significant advantage is that changing the bulb is quick and easy.
Unlike a flush light that directs the light straight down, a semi-flush directs the light up the ceiling as well as down, making the room seem larger and the ceiling appears higher.