How to choose the correct color temperature of lamps in life?

The main function of a functional living room is to receive guests. The lighting requirements are bright and warm, mostly neutral light, and the color temperature is controlled at around 3500~4000K;
The lighting in the bedroom needs to be warm and private to achieve emotional relaxation before going to sleep, so warm light sources are preferred. The color temperature should be controlled at around 2700~3500K (warm white light), which not only meets the lighting conditions, but also creates a warm and romantic atmosphere;
The restaurant is an important eating area in the home, and a comfortable experience is very important. It is best to choose warm colors in the lighting selection of restaurants, because psychologically speaking, eating under warm-colored lights is more appetizing. Therefore, it is best to choose a color temperature of 3500~4000k, which will not make the food too distorted, but also create a warm dining atmosphere;
The study room is a place for reading, writing or working. It needs a quiet and calm feeling, and lighting with too warm colors cannot be used. However, the study is also a place where your eyes need to be used for a long time. Too high a color temperature can easily cause visual fatigue. It is recommended that the color temperature be controlled around 4000~5500K, neither too warm nor too cold;
Kitchen lighting should take into account recognition. It is better to use fluorescent lamps that can maintain the original colors of vegetables, fruits, and meat. The color temperature is controlled between 5500 and 6500K, which not only makes the dishes attractive in color, but also helps cooks have higher discrimination during washing;