Types of Linear Lighting Fixtures

There are three main types of linear lighting fixtures: surface mounted, recessed, and suspended. Each carries unique traits, and it is important users understand what their differences are before installation.
Surface Mounted Linear Lighting
For a more traditional look, surface mounted lighting is the way to go. This is when linear light fixtures are directly mounted onto ceilings and walls, and it can be considered a ‘classic’ implementation as it is one of the oldest.Surface mounted lighting is perfect for spaces with exposed ceilings and spaces in which there is little room between the structural ceiling and the dropdown ceiling, where recessed linear lighting is impossible to install.
Recessed Linear Lighting
For a sleeker look and where minimalism is a priority, offices can opt for recessed linear lighting. In ambient lighting, light channels are implemented recessed into the ceiling, wall, or even floor.
This is a popular solution for modern office lighting, especially in workplaces with lower headroom or those that want a more clean and minimalistic design. Since lights are ‘sunken’ into ceilings, walls, and floors, these lighting fixtures offer clean, uninterrupted lines. For busy and crowded offices, the lack of protruding wires also creates a safer environment.
Suspended Linear Lighting
Suspended linear lighting is a lighting channel that is suspended in the air. Usually implemented on ceilings as ambient lighting, suspended lighting is most frequently used to light up a room.
In offices with high headroom, suspended linear lighting can be hung from ceilings to create a sense of depth and dimension. Suspended light fixtures can also be customized to different lengths and arranged in specific patterns to make office spaces more unique.